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 Product Information    SINGLE FEEDTHROUGHS (Continued)
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Single Feedthroughs, Click for full size imageAll our standard feedthroughs are terminated with nickel plated 42% nickel-iron components suitable for welding or brazing, however, special materials can be incorporated to suit customer requirements e.g. non-magnetic terminations.

When required, single or multiple feedthroughs can be welded into flanges or other similar assemblies. Individual feedthroughs and complete assemblies are fully warranted leak proof and free from braze or weld contamination.

Customers with application requirements not satisfied by our standard product range should contact our technical staff who will provide the necessary assistance to quickly produce an optimised design for your particular requirement.

General specifications:

Working Voltage Up to 150kV
Current Rating Up to 1000 A
Bakeout Temperature Up to 450C
Operating Temperature -269C to 350C
Vacuum Rating Better than 1x10-9 mbar litre sec-1

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