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The integrity of the ceramic-to-metal joint relies on the precision to which the individual parts are made. To meet these requirements the Company utilises C.N.C. machines to manufacture the wide variety of metal components required. This enables us to offer high quality stainless steel vacuum flanges to any of the international standards. Custom designs can also be accommodated.

Ultra High Vacuum Flanges
We offer both fixed and rotatable stainless steel EN 1.4307 (304S11) or EN 1.4406 (316LN) flanges to ISO 3669. These are fully interchangeable with other flanges manufactured to the same standard. All flange designs are suitable for continuous operation in the range -190C to +450C.

Gaskets and seals
Oxygen-free High Conductivity (OFHC) copper gaskets can be supplied in standard, annealed and silver plated versions.
Gold wire seals and compatible flanges are available on request.

O-Ring flanges
The low temperature, quick release alternative to U.H.V. flanges. Manufactured in stainless steel to ISO specification ensures compatibility with other flanges made to the same standard.

O-Ring material Viton
Bakeout temperature 200C
Operating temperature 150C

Ceramic bushes
We can offer a wide range of high alumina bushes for general insulation applications. These are fully bakeable and are manufactured from 84% - 99.9% alumina. Please contact our technical staff for information on these and any other standard or custom designed product.

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