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 Product Information    ELECTRICAL ISOLATORS
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Electrical Isolators, Click for full size image.

Ceramic Seals Limited. are able to supply four types of electrical isolator, for use where electrical, physical and environmental requirements demand the reliability of ceramic-to-metal designs.

Cryogenic liquid gas isolators
The exceptional mechanical strength and thermal shock properties of compression jointed ceramic-to-metal seals make them ideal for use as cooling fluid and refrigerant isolators between components where a voltage differential exists. Many sizes and styles can be constructed quickly and economically from standard the components of ceramic and stainless steel. If you have a specific requirement, please contact our technical staff.

Small diameter isolators, using similar compression joints to cryogenic feedthroughs, can be employed as electrical isolators in vacuum systems or as part of a liquid/gas feed circuit. Their 42% nickel-iron mounting tubes are suitable for welding directly into equipment or they can be supplied ready welded into a range of standard stainless steel vacuum flanges. Continued on the next page.


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