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 Product Information    COAXIAL CONNECTORS (Continued)
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Safe High Voltage two-stud bayonet lock connectors which have similar physical and electrical performance to the MHV but with an improved interface to prevent risk of electric shock during connection/disconnection. Both pin and socket contacts are deeply recessed in the connector housing and the outer earth/ground connection is maintained throughout the center pin and socket connect/disconnect cycle.

Working Voltage 10kV d.c.
Current Rating 3A continuous
Insulation Resistance 1013 ohm at 1kV d.c.

S.M.A. (BS 9210 N0006: Part 2 1978 + MIL-C-39012)
Subminiature screw coupled connectors for use as a general-purpose connector of small size and robust construction.

Working Voltage 700V d.c.
Current Rating 1A continuous
Insulation Resistance 1013 ohm at 1kV d.c.

If your requirements are not satisfied by any of our standard range and you require a non-standard connector, our Computer Aided Design and production system can quickly provide the optimum design to suit your application.

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