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 Product Information    MULTI-PIN PLUGS AND SOCKETS
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Multi-Pin Plugs and Sockets, Click for full size image.
There are many situations where it is necessary to introduce multiple low-level drive and signal circuits into a vacuum system. This can be conveniently, economically and safely achieved by employing a single U.H.V. flange carrying the required number of feedthroughs which can then be mated to a secure but quick connect/disconnect plug.

For working voltages up to 3.5kV d.c., pin to pin and pin to ground, a compact multi-pin socket is employed based on a monolithic ceramic. This design allows a large number of pins to be accommodated in a small diameter vacuum flange.

Working voltages above 3.5kV up to 10kV d.c. necessitate the use of individual feedthroughs for each pin.

General Specifications

Working Voltage Up to 3.5kV (multi-pin)Up to 15kV (single-pin)
Bakeout temperature Up to 450C (without plug)
Operating temperature Up to 150C
Vacuum rating Better than 1x10-9 mbar litre sec-1

If you are unable to find the plug and socket feedthrough combination you require, please contact our technical staff who will assist you. Multi-pin Feedthroughs is continued on the next page.

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