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Coaxial Connectors, click for full size image.

Ceramic Seals Limited offers a wide range of coaxial connector styles employing four different mating interfaces: BNC, MHV and SHV have a two-stud bayonet lock coupling but are not interchangeable. The fourth, SMA, incorporates a screw coupling.

Our coaxial connectors are designed for both defence and commercial applications.

All connectors can be supplied for welding or screwing directly into vacuum flanges or chambers, alternatively, they can be supplied welded into UHV, Klein, or O-Ring flanges as single or multiple entry.

With the plug connected the operating temperature range is from -65C to +165C. With the plug removed the socket can be repeatedly and safely thermocycled up to 450C, provided the rate of temperature rise and fall is not greater than 5C per minute. These miniature couplings are eminently suitable for high and ultra-high vacuum and/or high temperature conditions. Continued on the next page.

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